Vocational Teachers’ Training and Career Advancement Document discussed at the National Center for Teacher Professional Development
News ArchiveNovember 09, 2015

Vocational Teachers’ Professional Development Group meeting was held at the National Center for Teacher Professional Development, attended by TPDC staff members and international experts.

The workshop aimed at drafting “Vocational Education Teachers Training and Carter Advancement “ document and international mobility concept framework .

TPDC commenced working on the “Vocational Education Teachers Training and Career Advancement “ document a few months ago. The local and international experts, alongside with the representatives of Vocational Institutions worked on the document. The document drafted by the thematic group will be submitted to the Vocational Education Board by November.

The involvement of Vocational Education teachers in various priority fields is envisioned within the international mobility program. This will help the Vocational Education teachers in getting new experiences and experience sharing with foreign colleagues and will have positive outcomes for their professional growth and enhancement of learning and teaching qualities.

Relevant concept is required for systematization and transparency of international mobility program. The concept will include the requirements for international mobility program involvement, selection process and teacher trainings for program participation.

The work on the concept will continue further in the following years, also several groups will be trained for program participation.