National Center for Teacher Professional Development Official Statement
News ArchiveOctober 17, 2015

Cases of school violence have been in media spotlight recently. National Center for Teacher Professional Development approves public discussions on the topic and searching ways for effective problem resolutions. Although such discussions mustn’t affect and discredit the reputation of teacher profession or education system in general. When honoring teacher profession has become a state priority and the current year has been announced the Teacher’s Year , this concrete tragedy must not be generalized and applied to the education system in whole and the representatives of this honorable profession must not be subjects of discreditation

The state has started supporting teachers and creating favorable working conditions for them. Within the newly developed system, teachers are in charge of their own professional development, career advancement and salary increase opportunities. Society must honor teacher professional honor and hard-work. It’s the responsibility of the state, media, community, school and parents to undertake the task of preventing risks of school violence.

It’s noteworthy that bulling problem is very acute not only in in Georgia, but in the whole world. It’s become the state priority to develop Georgian education system in compliance with the modern, world education trends and minimize risks of school violence. Thus TPDC developed training-modules cover the conflict resolution and school violence prevention components. The trainings aim at training not only primary, basic and secondary school teachers, but also the school administrators-school principals and deputy principals for effective prevention and resolution of the stated conflicts.

According to the new assessment system, the practical application of the knowledge and skills gained during the trainings are the vital part of the new assessment system.

Teacher self-evaluation questionnaire has been developed by TPDC. The questionnaire contains the component of conflict resolution and creating physically, intellectually and emotionally safe environment for students. A special block is dedicated to the part where a teacher provides practical problem solving cases and effectively manages the conflict resolution.

National Center for Teacher Professional Development aims at assisting teachers in professional development. Society must welcome and encourage the initiative, since teacher professional development and success is a vital component for bringing up the future generations.