The Memorandum of Cooperation Was Signed Between Teacher's House and French Institute
News ArchiveMay 04, 2012
French language teachers are given a special opportunity – certification exam preparation course now will be conducted by French trainers, alongside with Georgians. Teacher’s Professional Development Center under the Ministry of Science and Education signed a memorandum with French Institute of Georgia on the implementation of French-language training program for teachers.

The document obliges both sides to conduct high-quality trainings alongside with the issues as follows:

1.To involve French trainers in the preparation of training program.
2.French Institute has to offer a list of French language trainers, whose qualification and motivation is visible.
3.The French Institute should provide teachers registered for certification examinations with methodology training courses free of charge;
4.Center should prepare trainings according to training program.
5.Teacher’s professional development center should also lead a team of consultants to develop the French language teachers’ training programs.

In the framework of memorandum French Institute and Teacher’s Professional Development center are planning to cooperate. French colleagues will be involved in this process.

Teacher’s Professional Development Center provides intensive teacher trainings for certification exams. Trainings for all subject teachers, including French language teachers are held throughout Georgia.