Teacher Support Professional Resources Presentation held at the National Center for Teacher Professional Development
News ArchiveMay 01, 2015
A presentation of publications on teacher support professional materials was held at TPDC, the publications included translated versions as well as books by Georgian authors. 3 educational resources were presented: compilation of Euro Council publications “Charter for all”, “Geography-methodological materials for teachers” and “Teaching methods for visually impaired students”.

The publications are intended for teachers, teacher trainers and education specialists.

The Euro Council publications aim at integrating democratic values in the teaching process, teaching human rights and building a democratic society. The publications are adopted versions of “Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights (EDC/HRE)” accompanied by charter guideline, poster and working notes.

”Geography-methodological materials for teachers” will assist Geography teachers to make the teaching process more diverse, interesting and entertaining. The book encompasses methodological materials, recommendations as well as interesting reading materials.
A professional manual “Teaching methods for visually impaired students” was created by Georgian authors; the book will assist teachers in identifying student capacities and effective lesson delivery, prerequisite for student equal engagement in the learning process.

The materials will be distributed to public schools for free.