New Scheme Discussed at Teacher's House
News ArchiveOctober 27, 2014

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Education Lia Gigauri and the head of The National Center for Teachers’ Professional Development Giorgi Nachabeli held a meeting with Tbilisi Public School teachers. During the meeting teachers got familiarized with the new system of entering profession, development and career planning.

Lia Gigauri alongside with the representatives of the Center provided teachers with the detailed information and introduced purposes and important novelties of the scheme.

According to the deputy minister, the new scheme provides teachers’ continuing professional development. She noted, that only highly qualified, motivated teachers who use new approaches are capable to reach best education results. In accordance with the deputy minister, above mentioned issues will bring necessary knowledge, skills and values to the pupils. It’s also worth noting, that teachers’ progress will reflect on the salary they get influencing their motivation.

Lia Gigauri and the representatives of the Center answered all the questions asked by teachers.