Mentor-teachers and Inductees Awarded
News ArchiveJuly 19, 2014

Mentor teachers and the participants involved in the induction program were awarded the certificates. In 2013-2014 123 mentors and 283 inductees were involved in the Induction State Program. The Head of the National Center for Teachers' Professional Development Gia Mamulashvili awarded the participants of the program.

It's worth noting, that mentor-teacher is a person who has every right to train beginner teachers and conduct lessons with the inductees. Only certified teachers are eligible to become mentors. Mentors get a surplus to their salaries amounting to 250 GEL. As for the inductee, in case of a successful completion of the course the participants of the program get the experience.

The State Induction program gives the beginner teachers the opportunity not only to get the experience but to better plan and conduct lessons. The above mentioned experience helps them develop their professional qualification. During the academic year, the participants attend trainings as follow:

· Orientation training "Goals and implementation ways of General Education";

· Training in professional skills "Teaching process planning, management and evaluation";

· "To promote pedagogical skills of inductee teachers through reflection."

The Induction State Program is being implemented since 2010. Works on the renewed Inductee Standard are under way for the time being. It's worth noting, that the Inductee Standard should coincide with the Teacher Standard and legal documents.