A meeting Held with Monitor-Consultants of Teachers' Professional Development Scheme
News ArchiveJuly 18, 2014

A working meeting was held with the monitor-consultants of teachers' professional development scheme. A presentation of a Teachers' Professional Standard Guidebook was held as well, after which the participants worked on the teachers' activity evaluation.

During the working meeting the participants got familiarized with the newly-published guidebook on the Teachers' Professional Standard. It's worth noting, that standard guidebook will help teachers in self-evaluation process as well as working out their own plans and their implementation. The first part of the meeting was dedicated to guidebook discussion. The participants had the opportunity to get information on the issues they were interested in.

As for the second part of the meeting, monitor-consultants got familiarized with the teachers evaluation rubrics and had the opportunity to practically discuss portfolios and their assessment tools and database.

It's worth noting, that similar meetings smartens the draft of the Teachers' professional Development Scheme and adapts it to the real practical needs of the teachers.

For the time being the draft of the Scheme is being discussed with interested persons. Acting teachers and the members of society will soon have the opportunity to get familiarized with the scheme. The Scheme will be approved for the next academic year.