Teachers' Certification Exams Have Started
News ArchiveJuly 02, 2012

Todayteachers got involved in the exams.  Theexam in Professional skills is underway. Head of National Examination CenterKhatia Dekanoidze and Director of National Center for Teacher ProfessionalDevelopment Gia Mamulashvili accompanied one of the eldest teachers participatingin the exams Lili Kukhaleishvili to the examination center, wished her successand observed the registration process.

On July 2,7894 teachers will take exams in Professional Skills. Overall 31880 will takepart in the Professional Skills exam. Tests in the mentioned subject will beheld on 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th July throughout the whole country. It’s worthnoting, that the number of teachers taking certification exams has increasedsince last year. Last year 24000 teachers participated in the exam, whilst thisyear 40 000 teachers are registered for the examination.

One of theincentives of teachers’ motivation to pass the certification exams is increasedsalary. Certified teacher salary scheme is as follows: certified teachers willreceive supplemental allowance in the range of 75GEL; successfully passed examsin the English language and computer will be remunerated with 200GEL; thosewith highest scores, identified in top 25% after having passed integrated examswill receive augmented salary up to 1000GEL. Teachers who will take lab examswill get additional 75GEL.


Timetableof Teacher Certification Exams is as follows:

•             Professional Skills – July 2,3,4,5;

•             Georgian Language and Literature –July 6;

•             Geography, Biology, History,Chemistry and Mathematics  (for teachersof grades VII-XII) –  July 11;

•             Exam for teachers of primary level(grades I-VI) –July 12;

•             Georgian Language and Literature(grades I-VI) – July 13;

•             Foreign languages (English,Russian, French and Germany) – July 18,19;

•             CivicEducation, Physics  - July 19;