Open Day at Teacher's House
News ArchiveMarch 28, 2014

Teacher’s House hosted an open day for teachers. During the meeting teachers’ professional development draft has been discussed. Teachers got familiarized with four-stage draft of professional standard which serves as the basis to the scheme and will be approved in the nearest future. At the end of the meeting representatives of the Teachers’ Professional Development Center gave comprehensive answers to the teachers’ questions concerning the document.

The main purpose of the meeting is to get acting teachers familiarized with the draft of the scheme, listen to their opinions and take their notes into consideration.

Teachers who get involved in the scheme will have the opportunity to improve their status and qualification; this will advance quality of general education.

According to the newly developed document, teachers will shift from one category to another in much shorter period of time, than envisaged in the current one. It’s worth noting, that career growth will be connected to increase in salary.

Similar working meetings will be conducted in other regions of the country and all teachers will be given a chance to get involved in the discussion of this important document.