Training of Special Teachers Continues
News ArchiveMarch 14, 2014
From the beginning of the current year, under the initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, one or more specialists (special teacher; coordinator; psychologist) of inclusive education are employed in the schools having pupils with special educational needs.

National Center for Teacher Professional Development of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia is conducting a training course “Professional Training of a Special Teacher.” Today, Minister of Education Tamar Sanikidze attended the training process.

The training course is designed for all teachers, school psychologists and inclusive education coordinators possessing basic knowledge in special pedagogy and setting a goal to work with pupils with special educational needs in a public school.

The course is comprised of three interconnected theoretical and practical modules. Duration of each module is 10 work days, 4 hours a day. After each module, teachers shall have an opportunity to translate theory into practice. The complete course duration is two months. This period includes one-week intervals between the lectures.

Attendance, active participation in group and individual activities, assignments and successful passing of an examination represent necessary preconditions to obtain a certificate of successful attendance.