Inclusive Education in Georgia
News ArchiveOctober 04, 2013
Within the framework of “Inclusive Education Support Program”, integrated class will start at Tbilisi public schools 64 and 166 for elementary level pupils with sensory (hearing) and autism spectrum disorders. The pupils will be provided with individual educational service with the help of qualified specialists.

Inclusive education represents one of the main priorities of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. The Ministry aims at making the education space more inclusive and adapted to receive persons with various disorders. For this purpose, physical environment is being adapted, teachers are being trained, awareness rising and methodology is also involved in the process.

Specialists of the integrated class were selected as a result of open contest. These specialists include: a psychologist, a special teacher, a teacher assistant, a speech therapist, a specialist teaching children with hearing disability (surdo-pedagogy) and an assistant specialist (nurse).

One–month training course for the specialists in special pedagogy started on October 1. Deputy Minister of Education and Science Lia Gigauri got familiar with the process of training.

Head teachers of elementary level were given a thematic training, in accordance with integrated class profile by National Center for Teacher Professional Development and Inclusive Education Development Division of National Curriculum Department.