Probation at Antibes International Center
News ArchiveAugust 19, 2013


French language teachers will enhance their qualification in France Antibes international Center. The Teachers’ Professional Development Center sent teachers from Tbilisi, as well as from other regional schools to France where they will attend one-week trainings. 10 teachers will take part in trainings which have 4 directions:


  • The use of new communication approach at class;
  • Evaluation problematic;
  •  Speaking skill development with the help of authentic documents;
  •  Didactics on the early stage of French language teaching, etc.

Teaching program “A New Communication Approach Methodic” was developed especially for Georgian teachers. The Antibes International Center hosts the teachers throughout the world. Georgia got involved in the program for the first time.

The teachers were chosen according to 4 basic criteria:

  • High score in certification exam;
  • Teachers’ involvement in professional scheme;
  • Regional principle;
  • Priority was given to teachers who have not been on probation before.


It’s worth noting, that traveling expanses of one of the teachers were covered by French Institute alongside with Teachers Professional Development Center. The teacher of 23rd public school the winner the contest conducted in the scope of Francophone days.

Teachers’ professional Development Center sends French language teachers to France for the first time. The center conducted various events with the purpose to develop French language teachers’ qualification.

Teachers’ Professional Development Center plans to send abroad teachers of English, German and Physics in future.