Seminar for Physicists
News ArchiveJuly 23, 2012
On August 3rd,14:00 Teachers’ Professional Development Center under the Ministry of Scienceand Education will hold the seminar for physicists.

The meeting is dedicated to ATLAS experiments and such important issuesas follows:

  • Shortreview of experiments conducted at CERN Laboratory. (LHC and similarexperiments on ATLAS detectors)
  • Computingservice of ATLAS (how the data is gathered, sorted and lately digested at CERNlaboratory on so called computing grid.
  • ATLASData systems and analysis,  depiction andpeculiarities.(parallelism insoftware);
  • Theprospects of ATLAS parallisation program: (what we have today and what plans wehave for future)
  • Shortreview of parallelism technologies, which are considered in the ATLAS and otherexperiments. E.g. parallel libraries.


Presenter: Vakho Tsulaia.

Biography: VakhoTsulaia was born in Tbilisi in 1971. In 1993 he graduated fromI.Dzhavakhishvili State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. In 1996-2003he worked at Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR),Dubna,Russia; Hejoined ATLAS experiment in 2000, he previously worked on creation of hadronic calomimetre.In 2003-2011 he worked at CERN, in Pittsburg University Group, US. From 2011 up-to-datehe worked in Berkeley, US, at Lorence Berkeley Laboratory. He continues workingon ATLAS softwares.

Thosewilling to attend the seminar please register at the following addressincluding 31st of July: