Trainings in Foundations of Natural Sciences Underway
News ArchiveJuly 24, 2012

From the new academicyear the new subject - Foundations of Natural Sciences will be introduced atschools. In connection with this innovation, intensive teacher trainings areunderway at Teacher’s House. It should be noted, that all the teachersthroughout the whole country will be provided with the training mentionedabove.

Teachers study theteaching methods according to the integrated workbooks. Trainings are conductedby the authors.  Teachers are taught howto provide course in basics of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. They also learnhow to combine these subjects. Trainings last for three days and both teachersof private and public schools will take them.

The new subject is aimedat delivering a course of Biology, Chemistry and Physics basics and preparesthe pupils for abovementioned subjects.

From 2012 the course willbe introduced in the 7th grade, after that the pupils will studyeach subject separately.