Presentation of research results
News ArchiveFebruary 16, 2013

The Institute for Social Research and Analysis conducted research presentation at Teacher’s House. The survey was ordered by the Teachers’ Professional Development Center and it included several basic topics as follow:





  •          To define current and future expected demand on teachers in private/public schools;
  •           The problems of 5-year-olds occurring in studying process;
  •           Teachers’ approach towards certificates, etc.;
  •           Teachers’ approach towards professional development scheme;

As it became clear from the survey, teachers have ambiguous attitude towards teachers’ certification since 2010: One part of the respondents thinks that the current teachers’ certification is timely and essential. On the other hand, according to the second part, certification process should have started much earlier than 2010. It’s also worth noting, that some of the respondents recognize the need of the certification but not at this stage.  

According to the 86.3% of the respondents they attended the trainings conducted by the Teachers’ Professional Development Center. About 40% says, they took trainings implemented by provider organizations. In both cases training evaluation is positive.

As concerning the reforms implemented in general education field, the majority of respondents (71.4%) approve of them.

List of the reforms which were assessed clearly positive by teachers:

  • Teachers’ Professional Development Trainings (81.2%);
  • Unified school leaving examinations (77.5%);
  • Teachers, students and school administration code of conduct (71%).

The survey implemented also illuminated two alternatives concerning 5-year-olds at schools:

  • According to the survey, teachers think that: 5-year old children may attend school, but some changes should be implemented in order to meet children’s needs: (organization of pre-school education system, classroom infrastructure adoption for 5-year-olds). It’s also necessary to create children’s readiness evaluation system, etc.)
  • The process of entering 5-year-olds at school should temporarily be stopped until the preparation has implemented. The process should be conducted gradually.


The event was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Science and Education, Institute for Civil Development and State Commission on Education Reform.