Shota Nizharadze and Gia Mamulashvili visited teacher injured in the car accident
News ArchiveAugust 02, 2012

FirstDeputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Shota Nizharadze and thehead of Teachers’ Professional Development Center Gia mamulashvili visitedteacher Nino Abuladze injured in the car accident.

It’sworth noting, that History teacher Nino Abuladze was in the micro-bus which gotin the accident near village Khaknmati, Dusheti region. The accident occurred when the mini-bus mentioned abovewas carrying home 43  Public School teachersand graduates as they were returning  from anexcursion. Fortunately, the accidentdid not cause casualties.

ShotaNizharadze and Gia Mamulashvili expressed concern regarding the incident andwished Mrs. Nino Abuladze speedy recovery.