Presentation of Teachers' Manuals Held t Teacher's House
News ArchiveDecember 24, 2012

Teacher’s House hosted the presentation of teachers’ manuals. The event was opened by the head of Teachers’ Professional Development Center Gia Mamulashvili.

It’s worth noting, that manuals are represented as series of teaching and development theories:

  • Behaviorism
  •  Social-cognitive theory of learning
  • Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development
  •  Lev Vigotsly’s socio-cultural theory of cognitive development
  •  Constructivism
  • Moral development theory
  • Multiple Intelligences theory

The manuals will help teachers during certification exam preparation, as well as in the professional practice improvement process.

Schools throughout Georgia will receive 2 copies of manuals free of charge; also interested readers will be able to buy them at book shops.

It’s worth noting, that Teachers’ Professional Development house plans to enrich the above mentioned series according to the needs of the teachers.