New Training-program at Teacher's House
News ArchiveOctober 30, 2012

A new training-program has started at Teacher’s House. The main points of the training are to find ways to improve and evaluate teaching and learning process in general education. Deputy Directors for academic affairs of secondary schools participate in the program. During 12 days they will be studying the basic mechanisms and tools essential in order to achieve best results in teaching quality improving process. The training will be focused on the following issues:

  •  How to enhance teaching quality and its importance ;
  • Teaching and learning quality enhancing in general education schools; Basic mechanisms and tools in general education school;
  • Fields, which ensure and encourage teaching quality enhancing.
  •  Teaching process monitoring, analysis and estimation, as basic principles which provide learning and teaching process development;

Training participants will also pick up those skills, which will help them through teacher estimation and consultation process. It’s worth noting, that the project will facilitate the creation of professional groups at schools so that they will independently raise education quality. The activities mentioned above are very important in education quality decentralization process and will give them opportunity to gain administrative autonomy.