TPDC will Host a Pre-Conference Seminar for Music Specialists in 2018
Announcements ArchiveNovember 15, 2017

The National Center for Teacher Professional Development will host a pre-conference seminar of International Society for Music Education from 10-14 July 2018, which will continue with the 33rd World Conference "International Society for Music Education" from 15-20 July, in Baku.

The International Society for Music Education invites Georgian musicians and music teachers to participate in one of the prestigious events in the musical sphere.

The conference topics are as follows:

- Tradition, locality and cultural identity

- Partnership and social cohesion

- Wellbeing, health and human rights

Applicants are encouraged to register on the website of the organization and submit their applications for participation in the seminar and the conference until December 15, 2017. In addition, applicants are eligible to request funding for participation in Baku conference, for which they have to fill out a special application form. The conference language is English.

Georgian speakers selected by the International Society for Music Education will take part in the seminar held in Georgia. Besides, they will be funded by the organizers of the event for the participation in the conference in Baku.

The World Conference aims at developing global understanding and cooperation among music teachers across the world through sharing ideas and experiences in order to promote the access to music education for people of all ages.

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