National Center for Teacher Professional Development Launches trainings in Inclusive Education
News ArchiveJanuary 30, 2016

National Center for Teacher Professional Development launched trainings in Inclusive Education. The target audience for the trainings are: public school teachers, special education teachers, Inclusive Education coordinators, psychologists, speech therapists, school administrations or any interested party.

The 20-hr training course aims at developing skills for special education students integrating and providing thorough theoretical knowledge in this direction.

The training participants will get acquainted with such issues like: pedagogical evaluation of special education teachers, effective teaching strategies, lesson planning and material adaptation, individual curriculum, philosophy of inclusive education, classroom management, management of difficult behavior, developmental impairments. The training participants will have practical drills as well.

During and after the training completion the participants will be evaluated based on tests and practical tasks. The evaluation process will guarantee the training quality.

The trainings will be carried out throughout Georgia and will have around total of 15000 participants.